Social Media

Yes, we lurves the precious and for so many reasons – the first being, it’s all about having a quality conversation with your peeps, which means equal part talking, equal part listening. Emphasis on the listening.

Our philosophy is that social media should be approached with personal pizzazz and an “add value first” mantra that the best brands do so well.

Mainstays, Aggregators and New

Our nerd underoos are showing, huh? Can’t be helped. We are partial to all the social platforms, however, each one has to have a point, purpose and place in the collective whole, fo’ sho. Correct us if you think otherwise.

As far as social media aggregators – we not only want to be in social media, we want be part of the in crowd conversation and that means making sure to show up with and where the social media darlings and superstars (e.g. Gary Vaynerchuk, Pete Cashmore) reside. It’s pretty much the best way to put one’s living-breathing brand in places that take dialoguing with consumers to a whole ‘nother level. And did we mention it’s, like, light-years beyond awesome for standing out in the crowded social media chaos?

Boom, you just up-leveled social media mayhem to

I’m so tuxedo t-shirt amazeballs I’m gonna grow a mullet.