Custom Media

This is like the superpower of connecting with consumers and letting them know you mean business when it comes to that “add value first” mantra – by delivering in-depth, consistent, ever-awesome information.

In addition to video and blogging, think e-books, infographics, digital magazines, how-to guides – the stuff people download, refer to and keep in that one easy-access drawer.

How About an Example?

The Holstee Manifesto encompasses the viral potency of content marketing, and how it can put a brand and its products on the virtual map again and again and again…seriously, that manifesto poster has its own following on Twitter. Consumers love you for these gems and will show you by sharing them with their world via social media, inbox email, and probably printing and snail mailing, if necessary. This is the magic.

It takes consistency and targeted tactics…and jellybeans.

The good kind.