Valerie Holt

Valerie Holt is the Founder and mentor at The Lama Farm where it’s all about cultivating the Divine in Daily Living.

Starting with a J.D. from  BYU in the early 90’s, Valerie worked for the Nevada Judge of Juvenile Courts and as a lawyer where she expertly crafted her strategy, negotiation, advocacy and championing the underdog skills. Valerie shifted her focus from legal advocacy to advocating for a personal voice; first in the arts, and subsequently in humanitarian work and development a.k.a. fundraising, from 1999-2011. She began as an advocate for students and adults in local community Arts programs creating experiential opportunities for the performing arts in NYC. After her own journey to Ethiopia in 2003, Valerie opened her eyes to the variety of ways we all “make music in this world”.  Since then, she turned her focus to advocating for those without a voice, teaching and consulting individual clients and local and international non-profits such as Choice Humanitarian in SLC and Guatemala, and The More Project in the slums of Rio de Janeiro.  Simply put—marketing awakened living as a means to bring out the genius in ourselves and offering methods for empowered living to those without previous opportunity.

She currently resides in Salt Lake City as a decidedly non-denominational practitioner of spirit, teacher, mentor and author cultivating the inner and business growth of all her clients at The Lama Farm as Founder and Mentor, where her constant mantra is Growth of personal and public genius rises from the ground we break, we gotta Dig on Purpose.

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