Michael Tunney

Mike is a manufacturing and robotics engineer by day, and a serial entrepreneur by night.  His career started at age nine when wired the family toaster to an old radio which created an unintentional firework show.  Those sparks were quickly extinguished by a screaming neighbor, but the creative sparks grew exponentially over the years.  Today he designs products, robotics, and production lines that improve the consumer¹s quality of life.  In his downtime, he feeds his adventurous side as a skydiving coach and world explorer.

With the intention of reinventing the uncomfortable keychain, SmartKey was formed in 2013. Its main goal was to combine style and function to produce the best minimalist keychain on the market. Mike, the founder, is a manufacturing engineer by day and a serial entrepreneur by night. After months of research and development, and plenty of customer input, SmartKey¹s popularity shot through the roof. After recently expanding the SmartKey team, we are very excited to take our product to the next level.

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