Danielle Duboise

Danielle was applying for med school and interning for a cardiologist at an NY hospital when she realized that she wanted to take her desire to help people in a different direction. As a young model and actress working through college Danielle quickly discovered that she could no longer sweep all of her crash dieting and body image issues under the rug, so she decided to face all of them head-on. Trudging through the ups and the downs of trendy diets, fasts and the incessant evil voice that kept telling her she wasn’t skinny/pretty enough she learned a BIG lesson- Finding balance is the ONLY way to create an environment for positive change and self-acceptance. Through the process of eating balanced, organic meals Danielle found a way to nurture and facilitate the self love needed to stop stressing about every calorie, every meal, every diet, every pair of skinny jeans, every angle of the camera (the list goes is on and on). It’s a journey, she’s on it and she wants to share it, which is what brought her to co-create a company that brings healthy food right to your doorstep.

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