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Jesse Singer

Jesse Singer is the Vice President of Production and Development at Act 4 Entertainment. Along with company founder David Johnson, Jesse is the producer behind AMERICAN PSYCHO. Through feature films, documentaries, television shows, stage productions and online media, Act 4 is focused on creating content that is socially conscious and politically relevant. Act 4′s projects […]

Yamile Yemoonyah

Yamile is the founder of CreativeWebBiz.com. After attending four colleges in three different countries, Yamile decided that the traditional school system was not her path and dropped out to become a full-time artist. Now she helps other artists and creatives sell their work online while traveling the world as a location independent digital nomad. Learn […]

Heather Anne Carson

Heather Anne Carson is the ultimate startup cheerleader. A feisty redhead, Heather is known for helping amazing startups tell their story to the world. As the President and Co-Founder of Onboardly, Heather and her team are dedicated to introducing venture backed startups to the media, influencers, and networks with a killer combo of #StartupPR and […]

Renee Warren

Renée is the Co-Founder and CEO of Onboardly, a company that works with funded technology startups that have a product their customers love. Often referred to as a ‘geek in stilettos’, Renée has been in the marketing and entrepreneurship space since she was 17 years old. Having run a successful restaurant and jewelry company simultaneously […]

Heddi Cundle

Simply put, myTab’s a social travel gift card! A place that you can save travel cash and shout ‘put it on myTab’ so friends & family contribute towards your celebration trip – and they can gift you towards yours. Then spend all or any of your funds towards a dream trip on myTab, choosing from […]