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Jacqueline Goodman

Driven by an unwavering belief that civil liberties and criminal law are inextricably linked by human dignity, Jacqueline Goodman has dedicated her career –and life– to defending the downtrodden during their darkest hours. When members of the notorious “Irvine 11″ were arrested and charged for exercising their 1st Amendment rights as student protestors of Israeli […]

Galorah Keshavarz

As an immigrant herself, Galorah Keshavarz understands first hand, the obstacles families face in order to migrate to the United States. As a caring and relentless advocate for you and your family, Galorah not only provides superior legal services with an overwhelming attention to detail, but she gets to know each and every one of […]

Michael Markowitz

Many of Mike’s clients operate large construction companies. Normally they need a personalized approach that they cannot receive in a large law practice. He listens. He gives options. He sets realistic expectations. He believes success is proper execution after a client makes an informed decision. He was also using computers, scanners and electronic communication long before many […]

Michael Ehline

Consumer lawyer, Michael P. Ehline, is currently litigating and operating as an injury attorney who writes educational legal articles and legal news releases about injury related issues for California consumers. The Ehline Law Firm PC works with other attorneys in resolving mishaps involving fatalities, coma and death, as well as other catastrophic losses in California. […]

Jon Mitchell Jackson

Mitch was born in Tucson, Arizona. His parents owned and operated the Saddle and Surrey Guest Ranch, an internationally known resort destination. At the ranch, Mitch’s parents entertained guest from around the globe which included Walt Disney, John Wayne, 60 Minutes commentator, Morley Safer, and tennis stars Poncho Gonzales and Rod Laver. Mitch’s family was […]