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Jesse Singer

Jesse Singer is the Vice President of Production and Development at Act 4 Entertainment. Along with company founder David Johnson, Jesse is the producer behind AMERICAN PSYCHO. Through feature films, documentaries, television shows, stage productions and online media, Act 4 is focused on creating content that is socially conscious and politically relevant. Act 4′s projects […]

Heddi Cundle

Simply put, myTab’s a social travel gift card! A place that you can save travel cash and shout ‘put it on myTab’ so friends & family contribute towards your celebration trip – and they can gift you towards yours. Then spend all or any of your funds towards a dream trip on myTab, choosing from […]

Michelle Czajkowski

Michelle Czajkowski graduated from School of Visual Arts in 2011, interned at Pixar, works at Dreamworks, and is trying to start a brand new chapter in her life through telling stories and making art. Learn more: www.avasdemon.com Kickstarter

Karl Kozak

Karl counts himself lucky enough to live in beautiful San Diego with his wife and children. A graduate of San Diego State University with a BA in Economics, he has spent the last 20 years successfully launching, growing, managing and selling several companies. Inventor of Trakline, a track-system belt, launching July 1 via its parent company “The […]

Michael Tunney

Mike is a manufacturing and robotics engineer by day, and a serial entrepreneur by night.  His career started at age nine when wired the family toaster to an old radio which created an unintentional firework show.  Those sparks were quickly extinguished by a screaming neighbor, but the creative sparks grew exponentially over the years.  Today he designs products, […]