More Ways Than One…


There are so very many ways to fail. I feel I have explored most of them, which is equal part ridiculous, equal part human <—— synonyms, maybe? Maybe, yes.

I ask myself these questions on a near daily basis – what are you doing? Are you doing what you’re suppose to be doing? Do you know how to do what you’re doing?

I ask each day. And each day I come up with a different answer than the day before. It’s a long road to walk before you see that proverbial light that comes nearly always after the bend in the road, the random left turn that ain’t nobody plan for or even think to plan for because that’s what left turns are – the unplannable. Sometimes you know you’re heading the right direction. Sometimes you second guess that knowing. I do. All the bloomin’ time.

Yep, I’ve managed to make a shit-ton of mistakes and mishaps and seeming failures of sorts, many of which look like mammoth monuments of “whaaa?” and I shake my head at how silly I am and have been and likely will be again. I wonder why the failures feel so concentrated at this particular point in my life and come up with this conclusion: I’m trying.

With trying comes lots of not succeeding. It’s the nature of the beast. There are not perfect blueprints when you decide to challenge the status quo. And that means coming to terms with your own mishaps.

But hey, there is something about coming face to face with your own shame and ridiculousness and said humanity that eases the burden of expectation and judgement. There is clarity and if nothing else, one more solid check mark on the list of “didn’t work” to aid future navigating to what will.

Carry on, soldiers. Whether it be in business, personal, relationship or a mix of all of the above (as it often is), know you are not alone in your doing of stuff that may or may not work this one time. You’re not alone in your self scrutiny, either. We’ve all been there and are still there and will continue to be there even after the end zone dance that follows the occasional nailing it.

Because as ridiculous or human as it may be, we kinda get the part where the point of pain that proceeds from failure is the biggest teacher and surest way to refining those super powers you know your gots and gots to share with the world.

Don’t be afraid to fail.
Don’t be afraid to have craptastic ideas.
Have loads of ‘em.

Let them mix and mingle and breed a little love child that’s a golden nugget of awesome. It’s way better than sitting in apathy and indifference where there ain’t no magic to be had. And like those “didn’t works” there’s more ways than one to make magic. Your magic.