The Show Host

Here’s the thing you should know about Shanté Micah Schroeder. When she’s feeling super duper creative her massive mane of hair is usually piled high atop her head in what the British dictionary and uber cool fashionistas refer to as the “topknot”…

She’s a former broadcast journalist, a communication specialist with a master’s degree in public relations from a super fancy Top 5 school located somewhere in that state that starts with New and ends with York. P.S. She still doesn’t get grammar.

She’s built brands, launches campaigns, walks red carpets, eats fish tacos with celebrities, volunteers in the favelas of Brazil, and driven combines and other equally slow farm vehicles, been the face and personality for companies and products and…you get it, she’s done stuff and it was way fun.

Her favorite thing though, of like, everything is pretty much meeting the people who do super amazing “stuff” and shouting to the world, “Hey, yoo-hoo! Wanna hear about my new very best friend and the stuff they do, too?”

P.P.S. She says “hi”